Ghana Journalists Association ready to partner with UNIC Accra

Accra – The Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) says it is ready to partner with the UN system in Ghana to develop capacity building programs that would aim to raise the standard of journalism in Ghana.

UNIC Pretoria Director Marie-Evelyne Peturs-Barry (2nd from left) with some Executive Members of the GJA

The Association said whilst it is true that the media environment is relatively free from restrictions and Ghanaian journalists have come a long way to enjoy this freedom, the same cannot be said of the quality of journalism being provided in the country. The association thus called for support to enhance the capacity of practicing journalists especially as presidential and parliamentary elections draw near. The Association was particularly keen on strengthening journalists’ skills in ethical journalism, specialized journalism and accountability.

This came to light during a visit on September 6 to the Executives of the GJA by UNIC Pretoria Director in Charge of sub-Saharan Africa, Marie-Evelyne Petrus-Barry. Ms. Petrus-Barry was on a 3-day mission in Ghana. She acknowledged the important role of journalists to promoting the development agenda of the United Nations and expressed the hope for future collaboration between the GJA and UNIC Accra. She advised the Executives of the GJA to be proactive in addressing some of the challenges being faced by the media.

The GJA is the association of both private and public media journalists in Ghana.