Anti-Corruption & Human Rights Day observed in Ghana

Accra – This year’s celebration to mark Anti-Corruption Day and Human Rights Day has been held in Accra at a ceremony to climax the weeklong celebration of the two Days themed “Human Rights and Integrity Week”.  

The event was attended by a cross section of the general public including UN staff, diplomatic community, NGOs and the media.  The Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) presented extracts of the country’s 2011 State of Human Rights Report and the 2011 State of Corruption in Ghana Report.

Made by the Commissioner of CHRAJ, Ms Laureta Vivian Lamptey, the Reports highlight progress made in building a democratic society, promoting human rights and the observance of civil liberties.  However, “the country still has a long way to go in establishing a culture of peace and human rights”, says Ms Lamptey.

The Human Rights Report covers women’s rights, rights of the aged, dehumanizing practices in forms of culture, road traffic accidents, children’s rights, rights to education and rights to health care.   Ms Lamptey called for the prioritization of the right of the aged since majority of the aged in Ghana are vulnerable.  She also called on the government to effectively implement the policy on Town and Country Planning to ensure that the standard of accommodation in the country is improved.  The increasing number of road accident in the country is worrisome and CHRAJ “calls on the government to ensure that appropriate steps are taken by the licensing authorities to ensure that only qualified drivers drive on our roads. Police patrols on our roads should also be intensified” says Ms Lamptey.

On the state of corruption in Ghana, Ms. Lamptey noted that Ghana responded to various forms of alleged corrupt practices in diverse ways, including enhancing the legal framework, development of an Anti-Corruption Action Plan, building integrity as well as undertaking preventive, educational and enforcement measures to combat corruption.

The UN Secretary-General’s messages on Human Rights Day and Anti-Corruption Day were read by the UNDP Country Representative Kamil Kamaluddeen.

With the assistance and support of UNIC Accra, some UN in Action videos on Human Rights were shown prior to the formal opening of the event which attracted over 200 participants.