One Day on Earth’s invitation to participate in its 12 December 2012 global filming event

You are invited to be part of One Day on Earth’s 12/12/12 (12 Dec 2012) global filming event. This is the 3rd annual collaboration and the results will be an internationally distributed film and an accessible archive. The first film was shared through a worldwide screening in 160 countries on the same day. 

Summary: The project brings together the UN, filmmakers, students and other inspired people in EVERY country of the world. This year is the final film in a trilogy. Every year, UN field offices not only share video of projects and local partnerships, but also share the diverse culture of the communities served.

Date: December 12, 2012 (12/12/12)

What to film: The CO or media creator can decide, however, this year there are 2 basic questions: What do you have? What do you need?

These questions will provide insight into the post-2015 discussions currently taking place.


Format for delivery: All formats are accepted. Edited or unedited footage is fine. In any circumstance, raw footage will eventually be requested.

How to send us footage: If you have suitable internet connection, participants can upload directly on our website starting on 12/12/12. If Internet connection is not an option, individual solutions are investigated.

Contact person: Brandon Litman,, +1 212-786-0100

Whys to get involved: Film on 12/12/12. Share the project with local media. Share the project with a local organization or partner. Share the project with a film or media school/program. Suggest a local topic to One Day on Earth staff.

Please contact Brandon Litman (information above) for information on how to share the One Day on Earth project with your office and community.

Kindly find link to the press release on One Day on Earth 12 December 2012 global filming event