UN family bids Resident Coordinator farewell

Accra – With goodwill messages and testimonies of some of the fondest memories of the outgoing UN Resident Coordinator, Ms Ruby Sandhu-Rojon, the UN family in Ghana has bid their leader farewell.  A brief and emotionally charged ceremony was held today, the last day of her stay as UN Resident Coordinator in Ghana.  About a 100 people including staff of the UN, partners and close acquaintances attended the event which was held on the green lawn of the UNDP in Accra.

Ruby cuts the farewell cake

Ruby cutting the farewell cake

Those who eulogized her recounted with pride and delight, her professionalism to duty, her friendliness and respect for all, her commitment to ensure the success of the DaO in Ghana, her “eloquence and intuition, her ability to choose the most appropriate statements at the right time”, “her sleek elegant taste and sense of style” and above all, her expertise, knowledge and intelligence to have served as one of the best Resident Coordinators in Ghana. As she looks back, Ruby can be proud of the higher pedestal on which the UN system finds itself today. Her commitment to mobilize funding for humanitarian crisis, especially from the private sector, yielded dividend for the refugee community and the MDG Acceleration Framework (MAF) for achieving Ghana’s target on maternal mortality are but a few of the milestones.

Ruby in a group shot with members of the UNCG

Ruby in a group shot with members of the UNCG

Ruby was however swift to acknowledge the contributions of her UN colleagues when she said “all these have been possible because of you”. She assured everyone that she would “be an advocate of Ghana in New York” when she takes up her new post as Deputy Assistant Administrator and Deputy Regional Director, Regional Bureau for Africa.

Ruby arrived in Ghana in 2010 to take up her first assignment as a Resident Coordinator. She has left her footprint very well in the sands of time in Ghana and she would be dearly missed.