UN University Institute for Natural Resources in Africa launches two books

Accra, 3 June 2015 – Co-Authors Stephen Frimpong and Dr. Effiom Oku have presented an overview of their respective books “Economic and Financial Analyses of Small and Medium Food Crops Agro-Processing Firms in Ghanaand “Harnessing Land and Water Resources for Improved Food Security and Ecosystem Services in Africaat a gathering in Accra. Both authors, affiliated with the United Nations University Institute for Natural Resources in Africa in Accra, made the presentations at an event to launch the books.

They addressed the overarching theme of the challenges facing natural resources in Africa and the agri-business potentials within Ghana, but with ideas that can be extended and implemented throughout the continent.

Dr. Oku and colleagues employed empirical data to propose and suggest policy options, and encourage Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in order to facilitate the successful management and use of natural resources and to improve food security. The main objective of their book “is to draw attention to the impact of human activities on land and water resources and the need for the sustainable management of Africa’s ecosystem services to improve livelihoods”

For Stephen Frimpong and colleagues, “provide empirical evidence for stakeholders in the agricultural value chain to improve efficiencies in food crops agro-processing in Ghana”.

Varying topics which relate to the subjects of the two books such as marketing, empowerment of women, technology and education were discussed following the presentations.  There were sentiments and remarks from the panelists and audience. The event was moderated by Dr. Elias T. Ayuk, the Director of UNU-INRA.