Remember Slavery tour of the Slave River site: Views from students

Assin Manso, Ghana, 7 April 2017 – The United Nations Information Centre in Accra led about 1000 students to tour the Assin Manso River as part of this year’s International Day of
Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Referred to as the Slave River, the Assin Manso River runs through the woods in Assin Manso, some 40km down the Cape Coast-Kumasi highway.

Students enter the slave river site

It is believed that captives from different parts of the country and other West African countries were held at the Slave River, where they received their last bath, they were auctioned and branded before led to the slave castle in Cape Coast and transported out of the country.

What do the students think of the tour and the lessons they have learnt? Read this special compilation by UNIC Accra.